Game Day Traditions at Penn State

Game Day Traditions at Penn State

Ready to experience the spirit of Penn State Football? Luckily, the season is right around the corner! Fans from all over the country come to Happy Valley to cheer for their favorite team. Whether you’re an alum or newbie, it’s an atmosphere unlike any other and you’ll have an incredible time experiencing the unparalleled energy. No tradition is better than winning but before watching the adrenaline rushing game, you’ll want to experience the pre-game celebrations that set Penn State apart from other teams in the country. Read about all of the rituals that have been celebrated for decades.


The week leading up to home games, many students camp out next to Gate A in hopes of securing the best stadium seats. The head coach and players will even visit them and say “hi” as these loyal fans await game day. Talk about dedication to the Nittany Lions!

Blue Bus Arrivals

Three hours before kick-off, fans line up in front of Beaver Stadium waiting for their favorite team to arrive. You’ll notice that there’s a certain order of their arrival and two seats never change. James Franklin, the head coach, is always positioned in the front right alongside the starting quarterback. Fans cheer on the team as they watch the coach, quarterback and the rest of the players step off the buses.

“We Are…Penn State”

When you attend any Penn State football game, you’ll witness the famous cheers that have been celebrated for decades. The “We Are” cheer is one of the most recognized chants at Penn State. One side of the stadium will yell “We Are” while the other replies, “Penn State!” It’s a collegiate tradition that’s not only used during football, but also around town.

Whiteout Games

For some of the big games of the season, fans will wear all white clothing. This results in one of the best crowd visuals. Plus, it intimidates the other team, especially when paired with famous cheers and tunes that blast during winning moments, especially if it’s a night game. If you’re planning on buying tickets, check to see if it’s a white out game.

Victory Bell

Whenever there’s a victory, Beaver Stadium will sound off “The Bell.” It’s been a tradition for decades and has a storied heritage. Before football was widely televised, Head Coach Charles Engle wanted a method to broadcast Penn State wins during away games. Through this bell, fans back home were notified when their team had won on the road, creating a sense of pride for the community. After going through renovations in the 90s, the bell was placed in the south end zone of Beaver Stadium in 2009. Today, it’s proudly rung by both coaches and players after every home game win.

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